Turnbull, Jimmy

Full name: James Malcolm Turnbull

Position: Center forward

Born: June 19, 1910 Ashington, England

Died: April 1986 Sheffield, England

Nationality: English             

Ht: 5-10 Wt: 11 stone

Left his native Ashington when he was 18 years old. Arrived in Quebec on July 1, 1928 on the Empress of Australia. Arrived in Buffalo, New York, on October 3, 1929. 19 years old. A farm labourer. Was on his way to his brother in law J. Robertson in Brooklyn

1929      Montreal C.N.R.  

1931-1932 Brooklyn Celtics                 Metropolitan Soccer League – NY

Played for Brooklyn Celtics where he is said to have scored 49 goals.

1932 F    Hakoah All-Stars                 American Soccer League

Then joined Hakoah where he scored three goals in three matches.

1932-1933 Barnsley                  1   0

Returned to England and signed for Barnsley in October 1932.

1932-1933 Burnley (Midland League)

Then joined Burnley and played in the Midland League for them, playing in 22 games and scoring 20 goals.

1933-1934 Tunbridge Wells Rangers          Southern League – England

Joined Tunbridge Wells Rangers in June 1933.


          Tunbridge Wells Rangers


1934-1935 Gateshead                13   6

          Stakeford Albion

1935-1936 Cork                         37  League of Ireland

Joined Belfast Celtic in May 1936

1936-1937 Belfast Celtic

1937-1938 Belfast Celtic


1939-1940 Cork City                     8  League of Ireland

1940-1941 Cork United                   1  League of Ireland